The Story

Hi all, I'm Dawn aka Mz Originator! I'm a creator, life motivator, and the woman behind DawnSherie.

This brand gives you a peak into self-love and lets you know even with our busy lives having time to love yourself is important to your personal journey.

Bringing you a unique style of funky colors, and self-motivation with beauty, home, and creative creations. I set you FREE to be wild and uniquely you.

I create whatever my heart lets me find joy in. I've written a book, made lip gloss, body butter, jewelry, candles and more.

My first true love of creativity is art. I create fantasy art and abstract work. I've even painted two large wall murals.

These pictures usually are colorful and have a great story behind them.

You never know what I'll create next.

We're not for everyone and everyone isn't for DawnSherie.

Are you enough, self-loving enough, and daring to represent YOURSELF with BOLDNESS?

Dare to ride on our side of bougie, colorfully chic in a black sheep way.

Where can the unique individual looking for one of a kind handcrafted personal touches of beauty and whatever go?

What happens when a creative takes things into her own hands? She becomes her own superhero of creativity (Mz Originator).

The mother of twin girls and two adult boys now men, I knew I had put my creative side on hold way to long. Although I have other businesses and still worked in the corporate health sector, I wanted more.

I wanted a place to bring out my inner creative side and to show the world the part of me that has been screaming to get out. Well here emerged DawnSherie the place where creativity lives.

Elegance, sophistication from the outcast awaits you. I'm so excited and pleased you decided to come and embark on this wild ride with me.



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