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DawnSherie Wholesale

DawnSherie Wholesale

  • Are you ready to start your business?
  • Looking to add products to your Spa and or Salon.

Well we offer three ways to help you with DawnSherie wholesale. 

Currently available for wholesale are

  • Lip Gloss
  • Face Clay Mask
  • Lip Treatments
  • Sanitizer Sprays


Which Service is Best for You

Done For You:

With done for you we provide you with everything we have to offer. You purchase our products and sell them under our labeling in your business. No fuss no muss. All you need to do is signup for a wholesalers account when you get access just place your order. Our prepackaged items will be made and sent to you with our labeling. So what do you need to do when the order arrives? Well just unbox and put it on your shelves of course. 😉

White Labeling Done For You:

Did someone say I want to brand it under my business but I don't want to do the work? Well, white labeling done for you is just for you! We offer some of our handmade products up to be white labeled. White labeling done for you means you get our products and put your company branding on it yourself. The products will be prepackaged and sealed. All they will need is your branding. Just signup for a wholesalers account when you get access place your order. 😊

White Labeling Bulk Buy:

White labeling bulk buy is when you get our handmade products in bigger containers and you transfer the product into a container of your choice and place your branding labels on it. These large packages are sealed and delivered to you. Just signup for a wholesalers account when you get access place your order. 🤗

Are you ready to select your wholesaler service? 

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