Birthday Parties

Kids Party

A parent or guardian responsible for the children must remain onsite at the time of the party.

  • Canvas painting party
  • Decorate a picture frame
  • Pirates Party
  • Speed Racer Painting Party
  • Dream Painting Painting Party

 We will provide pizza and chips

Things to know:

  • Arrive 30 mins early for your special setup and we can do it for you
    • If special decorations are needed you must purchase them our setup is standard
  • We give you up to 2 hours of Studio time
    • Studio setup time is not included in this time
  • You may bring in your own cake, snacks and drinks!
    • There is a refrigerator, microwave and hot water kettle onsite
  •  Instructions for each project is provided by our staff
  • We supply all of the materials for our projects
  • Each guest will leave with their beautiful creation
  • Clean up is done by staff, so no worries to the party people in the house!

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