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The Cozy Cottage is a small intimate studio that can comfortably host 6 to 8 adults depending on the type of project and space needed.

If the art table is not needed and just chairs for a meeting we can accommodate more people. 

Our front room can be transformed for intimate speaking engagements, small book clubs, book signings, girls and boy scout meetings, and more.

Nonprofit organizations are welcome to inquire. Tax exemption paperwork must be provided.

Rental Fees:

Our minimum rental hours are 2 hours.

For all rental times, set up and clean up time is not included in those hours. No extra charge will incur as long as the set up and clean up time doesn't exceed and hour total.

So if you rent the space for 2 hours you actually have a total of 3 hours. The time is split up into 30 mins to set up and 30 mins to clean up.

  • 2 hour minimum is $75 an hour on week days Monday - Thursday
  • 2 hour minimum is $125 an hour on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
    • *5 hours of rental time or more will cost $75 and hour.
      This does not include set up and clean up time. 

To reserve a slot for your event and if you have any questions fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.


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